Production of rainbow trout eggs

The maturation of brood fish has been delayed relative to the planned schedule. This means there will be some adjustments required to the deliveries of eggs planned for week 9, 2008. All customers who will be affected will be contacted about re-scheduling deliveries. Stripping of brood fish in Tingvoll is finished, while Hemne is still carrying it out. Stripping started at Svanøy on Friday 25th of January 2008.

In later years we have seen an increase in clinical IPN outbreaks before and during the start feeding of rainbow trout. We therefore recommend the use of eggs that have been screened for the IPN-virus. Screening is carried out on ovarian fluid and milt using the RT-PCR method. Any batches of eggs from parents that have tested positive for the presence of the IPN virus are destroyed. By only using eggs from batches with a negative test result, the customer reduces the risk of vertical transmission of the IPN-virus.