Update on reception controls and hatching results

In the period from week 45, 2007 to week 3, 2008, 52 reception controls have been carried out at the time of delivery of salmon eggs to the Norwegian market. This adds up to control of 86 % of a total of 98 million eggs sold so far. There has been an average of 1.34 % non-viable eggs in the deliveries which were controlled, of which 0.77 % were small-eyed eggs. The highest and lowest recorded levels of non-viable eggs have been 2.7 % and 0 % respectively. At all deliveries the percentages of non-viable eggs have been compensated through a quantity assurance of 5% overage.

Reports from hatching results have been good. These show an average hatching success of 98 %. This correlates well with our own internal control where a representative selection of the delivered egg batches is hatched at Akvaforsk.