New Egg Transport Boxes

New Egg Transport Box

New Egg Transport Box

During this egg season we will be introducing a new box for the transportation of eggs. The box currently in use was developed many years ago, so it was logical to review it in light of the many changes that have taken place in the industry.

We saw the need to develop a box which satisfies new desires and demands from transporters and customers, driven by the trend to larger individual shipment sizes.

The new box that we are to introduce has a number of benefits as follows:

1. More environmentally friendly with a reduction in the amount of packaging for egg volume transported.

For example, packing 460 liters of eggs will require 39 boxes on two pallets using the new box, while the same amount of eggs would require 58 boxes on four pallets using the old system. This reduced the number of boxes by 33 % and the number of pallets by 50 %.

2. Improved stability when stacked, and reduced handling in transit. Resulting in a reduction of the risk of breakage and handling stress.

3. Optimal internal environment cooling of the eggs.

4. Conforming to the size of the EU pallet and meeting requirements for air transport.

The main points of difference between the new (pictured) and the old transport box are as follows:

Box Type Chambers per Tray Litres of Eggs per Chamber Litres of Eggs per Tray Trays per Box Litres of Eggs per Box Outside Measures (cm) (W x H x D)
New Box 6 ca. 0.5 3 4 12 78.5 x 22.5 x 39.0
Old Box 4 ca. 0.5 2 4 8 33.0 x 33.0 x 35.0

Two trays of ice will be laid on top of the trays of eggs.

There will be a period of transition during which we will be using both old and new egg boxes. We will inform the customer beforehand whether the delivery will be sent in the old or the new box type.