Reorganization in the department for Genetics and Technology

From February 1, 2011, the department previously known as the department for Genetics and Technology will be divided into two independent departments, Research and Development (R&D), and Breeding and Genetics (B&G).


Nina Santi.
Nina Santi will take over the function of Research and Development Director and lead the R&D department. Since joining Aqua Gen in 2007 she has had the position of Quality Control and Fish Health Manager.

The new department will have a pure project organization and have responsibility for the majority of our R&D projects in the research areas of Fish Health/Diagnostics, Reproduction biology and molecular genetics.


Thomas Moen.
The final research area will be headed chiefly by Thomas Moen and his group at Cigene at Ås. The project portfolio in the department consists of both internal and external projects with partners at Norwegian and foreign universities and colleges.


Sven Arild Korsvoll.
Sven Arild Korsvoll will continue in his position as Breeding Director and will lead the B&G department. The Department will have responsibility to further develop and document progress in the operative breeding work in the company both in Norway and Chile.


Arne Storset.
Arne Storset has headed the earlier department of Genetics and Technology. Arne will begin in a newly established position as Project Manager in the R&D department.

Aqua Gen has reduced the operative cooperation with Norsvin through our common company Geninova. In this connection our department at Hamar was closed and the activity in the area of breeding and genetics was moved to Trondheim.