Chile’s Minister of Fisheries Visits Aqua Gen

A broad-based delegation of Chilean officials visited Aqua Gen’s breeding station at Kyrksæterøra during Aqua Nor 2011.

The delegation, led by Minister of Fisheries Pablo Galilea and Director of Fisheries Juan LuisAnsoleaga held discussions with the leadership in Aqua Gen. The conversations were mainly abouthow cooperation between Norway and Chile in the areas of technology and scientific efforts inthe Value Chain, and how an international competence company such as Aqua Gen can contributeincreased innovation energy to the Chilean aquaculture sector.


Some of the Chilean visitors to Aqua Gen Hemne, August 18, 2011. Among others Jose Miguel Burgos G. from Sernapesca (nr. 1 on the left), Alicia Gallardo Lagno from Sernapesca (nr. 3 on the left), Administrative Director in Aqua Gen, Odd Magne Rødseth (nr. 4 on the right), Chile’s Minister of Fisheries, Pablo Galilea (nr. 3 on the right), Chile’s Ambassador to Norway, Juan Anibal Barria (nr. 2 on the right) and Director of Fisheries Juan Luis Ansoleaga (nr. 1 on the right).

Aqua Gen has started a number of research projects in Chile, in close cooperation with Chilean and Norwegian universities, and with financial support from CORFO (Corporación de Fomento de la Producción de Chile, which corresponds to Innovasjon Norge). Results from this R and D activity have already contributed to strengthen Aqua Gen’s product portfolio both in Chile and Norway.


Administrative Director in Aqua Gen Chile, Patrick Dempster, explains to the Chileans how the stripping line at Aqua Gen Hemne functions.

As a step towards strengthening the cooperation between Norway and Chile, Administrative Director in Aqua Gen, Odd Magne Rødseth was nominated as Honorary Consul for Chile i Trondheim. Chile’s Ambassador in Norway, Juan Anibal Barria conducted the formal nomination.


Administrative Director in Aqua Gen, Odd Magne Rødseth , is named Chilean Consul in Trondheim. Here together with Chile’s Minister of Fisheries, Pablo Galilea and Chile’s Ambassador to Norge, Juan Anibal Barria.