High research profile and important innovation abilities

EW10480-0159-250x250Aqua Gen’s research concession has been extended by 10 years. In the justification of the award it was mentioned that Aqua Gen is regarded as having important innovation abilities which contribute to industry progress.

In its response to the application, the Directorate of Fisheries Professional Council for Research Concessions stated:

“The Council regards Aqua Gen AS to be a research institution at the university/college level in the science of selective breeding and genetics.

The Council recognizes Aqua Gen for its high research profile, both nationally and internationally, and through its initiatives in a number of research projects from The Research Council of Norway, EU and Treasure Funds projects.

The Council regards Aqua Gen as having considerable innovation ability, which contributes to moving the industry forward and which benefits the entire aquaculture industry. The Council therefore recommends an extension of the concession to up to 500 metric tons MTB for 10 years.”

In 2006 Aqua Gen was awarded a research concession for five years with the possibility of extension. The application for extension was approved August 29, 2011. The purpose of the research concession is to carry on experiments/research which treat selective breeding/genetics, fish health, and egg/reproduction.