New senior scientist in AquaGen

Jacob Seilø Torgersen (43)

Jacob Seilø Torgersen (43)

Jacob Seilø Torgersen (43) is from 1 June 2013 employed as a senior scientist in AquaGen. He will be working on the research projects Aqua Genome and Blue Genomics Chile, whose main objective is to find genes important for variations in key traits in salmon, cod and trout.

Jacob has a Master of Science in molecular biology and aquaculture from the University of Life Sciences (UMB). He also holds a doctorate (PhD) in molecular genetics from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and is the author of about 30 scientific articles.

Jacob comes from a position as a researcher at Nofima, Ås, where he the last ten years has built up expertise in molecular biology, microscopy and image processing. He has since 1996 been working within this field in several species (including salmon, cod, zebra fish, halibut, great scallop, salmon lice) and with various issues related to health, nutrition, quality, deformity and operation in salmon farming.

He will be located at the Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) in Ås.