World’s first QTL for IPN resistance in rainbow trout

Nr. 1 / February 2015

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The Norwegian fish farming industry has received the first ever rainbow trout eggs that have been selected for IPN-resistance, using a recently developed genetic marker (QTL).

Plommesekkyngel, regnbueørret

Selection for IPN-resistance, using the newly developed IPN-QTL will contribute to keeping rainbow trout healthy, like the alevins pictured.

This is the first time in history that this technology has been applied to rainbow trout. In total, we have found 100 males in our broodstock (9% of all tested males) with the correct genotype.  These males give us the potential to produce 20 million IPN-resistant rainbow trout eggs in 2015.

We have great expectations that these eggs will have the same benefits for rainbow trout that the QTL eggs for IPN-resistance have had for salmon.  Selection of broodstock based on genetic markers, generally known as QTL, for different challenges related to disease and improvement of quality attributes has represented a new era within the field of salmon breeding.

The same technology is now being applied to rainbow trout. This has been made possible by a close cooperation between AquaGen and national and international research institutions. A set of 65 000 genetic markers, specially adapted for rainbow trout, has been developed.  This marks a major step forward for practical use of the genomic research on this species.

The QTL for IPN resistance in rainbow trout has shown a documented effect against IPN.  The QTL was discovered using challenge tests on rainbow trout fry at start feeding, and is documented to give a significant protection against this viral disease.

» Take a closer look at the documentation of the AquaGen Rainbow QTL-innOva® IPN using this link.