First early-eggs delivered to Finnmark

Egg-Update-logoNr. 5 / October 2015

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Disinfection and packing of early eggs to Laksefjord AS carried out on Thursday 15th October 2015 by AquaGen Hemne.

The first salmon eggs of the 2015/2016 season were delivered to Laksefjord AS in Finnmark on Friday 16th October 2015. This is the earliest egg stocking in the history of AquaGen and marks the start of all-year round deliveries of salmon eggs.

Reception control checks were carried out on the eggs whilst stocking the hatchery. These checks confirmed very good quality with the percentage of non-viable eggs being only 0.2%. Egg-size averaged 5425 eggs per litre which is a large egg size for so early in the season.

Historically early delivery
Producers in Northern Norway have been a driving force for access to Norwegian salmon eggs all-year round, so it is nice that it is Laksefjord AS in Finnmark that has received the first eggs of the season.

The possibility to ship eggs as early as week 42 is a direct result of research carried out at AquaGen into the use of ultrasound. The project developed methods for fast, precise and gentle determination of the degree of maturation for female fish, and gives overall improved monitoring and control of sexual maturation.

Deliveries all-year round
Adoption of these new methods into production, combined with land-based production of broodstock, will mean that from egg season 2015/2016 AquaGen will be the first Norwegian egg producer that will deliver salmon eggs all-year round.

Production is proceeding according to plan at all of AquaGens three sites at Hemne, Tingvoll and Steigen. Record-high levels of early-eggs are now on the way out to hatcheries, at the same time that new brood fish are being stripped to meet the needs of the normal and late-egg segments.

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Egg quality being checked at egg-intake on Friday 16th October 2015 at the hatchery of Laksefjord AS.