New generation with increased genetic progress on important traits for vitality and profitability

Nr. 1 / June 2016


CRW_5723-lys-blå-2-med-AG-symboler firkantigFrom autumn 2016, AquaGen will deliver salmon eggs that have been chosen using three different selection methods at the same time; family, QTL and genomic selection.  This establishes a new product line, called GEN-innOva® GAIN which gives, in addition to virus protection, improved potential for lice and AGD resistance, handling tolerance and increased growth rate.

At AquaGen Hemne, Tingvoll and Steigen brood fish that will produce the first eggs in the 2016/2017 season have been transferred to land, sorted and sampled for DNA analysis.

This transfer marks the start of the process for delivery of AquaGen’s three major new products; QTL-innOva® PRIME, QTL-innOva® SHIELD and GEN-innOva® GAIN.  Selection for strong and even fillet colour, using QTL-innOva® RED can also be selected in addition to all the main products.


All brood fish in AquaGen’s egg production is initially specifically selected for general robustness and fast growth.  QTL-innOva® PRIME includes additional QTLs providing IPN resistance and prevents customers receiving “lice attractors” (salmon that are particularly susceptible to lice infection).  QTL-innOva® SHIELD has the same QTL’s as QTL-innOva® PRIME, but is enhanced with extra virus protection against PD and CMS.


AquaGen’s product portfolio for salmon eggs 2016/2017, delivered from October 2016.

Documentation for all QTL’s included in QTL-innOva® PRIME, SHIELD and RED can be found here

GEN-innOva® GAIN

GEN-innOva® GAIN represents a genetic “quantum leap” using genomic selection (GS).  Both female and male brood fish that produce these eggs are tested for 55,000 genetic markers.

This means that GEN-innOva® GAIN is the most advanced and precisely selected product for sea-based farming available in 2016/2017.  These eggs are the result of 2 generations GS for resistance to salmon lice, 1 generation GS for AGD resistance and 2 generations GS for growth.  Additionally, the product includes all QTL’s of QTL-innOva® SHIELD.  Both females and males must have the appropriate genes to be used in this egg production, and for males only 1 in 1,000 top candidates is qualified as GEN-innOva® GAIN brood fish.

Read more about GEN-innOva® GAIN here