AquaGen Scotland officially opened

On October 31, 2017, the AquaGen Scottish office, located at Stirling University Innovation Park was officially opened. Invited customers and co-partners participated in the opening ceremony and a seminar organised at the Stirling Court Hotel the following day.

Odd Magne Rødseth, Group Director for Aquaculture at EW Group cut the ribbon to officially declare AquaGen Scotland Ltd opened.

Andy Reeve, Managing Director at AquaGen Scotland Ltd (to the left) thanked Gilpin Bradley, Managing Director at Wester Ross Fisheries Ltd for the speech he gave at the AquaGen Scotland office opening.

The opening marks a strengthening of the market efforts and technical support to customers in Scotland and Ireland. Andy Reeve, Managing Director at AquaGen Scotland Ltd has been an agent for AquaGen Atlantic salmon- and rainbow trout eggs since 2005. Martin Haberfield, Technical Sales Manager at AquaGen Scotland joined the company in 2017. “In the future we will follow-up the fish more closely to see how they perform under Scottish farming conditions”, says Reeve.

Brood stock- and egg production in Scotland

“Until today the genetically improved eggs have been imported from Norway, but from the season 2018/2019, we have the possibility of producing eggs from AquaGen salmon brood stock that are already swimming in Scottish cages. By building up a integrated production line for both broodfish and egg, we will be able to serve the Scottish salmon farmers in a better way”, says Odd Magne Rødseth, Group Director for Aquaculture at EW Group.

In addition the new production sites will be included in AquaGens back-up production network and further strengthen the security of egg supply to European salmon farmers.


Alison Hutchins, Farming Director at Dawnfresh Farming Ltd (to the left) and Nina Santi, CEO at AquaGen AS.

Martin Haberfield, Technical Sales Manager at AquaGen Scotland Ltd (to the right) talking to Robert Murray.




Jim McKay, Group Director for Science and Technology at EW Group (in the middle).

Richard Hopewell, Fish Health Manager at Dawnfresh Farming Ltd (to the left) and Sandra Craveiro, Aquaculture Officer at Aquascot Ltd.


From left; Robert Murray, Jørgen Ødegård, Senior scientist, Thomas Moen, Research director, Roger Oddebug, CFO and Andy Reeve, Managing director (the last four from AquaGen AS/AquaGen Scotland Ltd).

Participants at the opening ceremony in the AquaGen Scotland office.