New Quality Manager in AquaGen

From November 1st 2019, Anja Elise Hansen is appointed as Quality Manager in AquaGen. She will have a key role in the company’s further development of work processes that will ensure quality, efficiency and safety to the best of AquaGen’s products, customers and employees.

Anja Elise Hansen

Anja holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from NTNU in biology and Marine Coastal Development.

Anja joined AquaGen in 2015 at the start-up of our site in Steigen. In 2016, she was given the position of quality coordinator at Steigen, where she also worked in the production. In 2018, she transitioned to the position of production coordinator for sea-based broodstock. At the same time, she was given the role of process coordinator for sea-based broodstock and has, among other things, contributed to procedural and process development.

We are looking forward to have Anja in a key role in the further improvement work based on AquaGen’s core values “Together on the task” and “Committed to quality”.