Security measures – Corona virus

AquaGen has introduced measures to ensure daily operations and prevent the spread of Covid-19 (the Corona virus). These are internal safety measures to ensure that production in our facilities proceeds as normal and that eggs are delivered as planned.

Illustration of the Corona virus. Photo: Adobe Stock.


AquaGen has not identified risks that are expected to affect our supply to our customers. We have taken measures to prevent infection between staff and to ensure that our production and delivery capacity is maintained as normal both in the short and long term:

  • Division of operational critical personnel into separate working groups at our production departments
  • Meeting and travel bans between work teams and facilities
  • General travel restrictions for all employees
  • No access for visitors unless required for operation
  • Strict hygiene practices to prevent infection
  • Report suspicion of illness

For egg deliveries

The following applies to reduce the risk of infection between persons during egg deliveries:

  • No physical contact between deliverer (AquaGen) and receiver (customer)
  • Egg boxes are placed at designated locations outside the customer’s production facility
  • We encourage extra focus on hand hygiene and the use of disposable gloves when handling packaging and eggs

We have established a task force, with operational continuity as a special focus. In the event of any changes in the supply situation, we will notify our customers as soon as possible.

For further information, please contact your regular AquaGen contact person.