AquaGen provides ongoing information to subscribers about the status of salmon- and trout egg production through the publication of AquaGen EGG UPDATE.

The eggs which are produced are a result of breeding and genetics, and also of the production of brood fish which has begun 3-4 years before. In the course of this period the brood fish are managed so that the client receives eggs at the agreed-upon time, with the proper quality and quantity.

You can subscribe to AquaGen EGG UPDATE and/or AquaGen INFORMATION LETTER by wrighting your e-mail address in the field to the right of this page. You can read the latest editions of AquaGen EGG UPDATE by clicking the links below.


Edition Content
1 / September 2014: The first eggs of the season have been produced
New products for the season 2014/2015
3 / December 2013: Reduced proportion of non-viable eggs and good hatching results for early eggs 2013
2 / September 2013: Another early-start for the new egg-season
1 / 2013: Consistent quality and good hatching results for early eggs 2012
3 / 2012: This seasons’ first eggs are sent out
2 / 2012: Suspicion of PD in AquaGen Hemne
1 / 2012: Stripping starts early at AquaGen
3 / 2011: Good egg quality and hatching results for early eggs 2011
2 / 2011: The egg season 2011-2012 is underway
1 / 2011: Consistently Good Egg Quality for Early Eggs 2010
4 / 2010: The First Salmon Eggs Have been Sent to the Hatcheries
3 / 2010: Egg Production for The Season 2010-2011 Has Started
2 / 2010: Early Ordering is a Vital Factor for Efficient Production Planning, High Product Quality and Greater Delivery Assurance
1 / 2010: Historically High Egg Quality throughout the Whole Season
6 / 2009: Very Good Egg Quality This Season
Early Eggs have Many Advantages
5 / 2009: Continuing Good Results from Egg Production
Great Demand for Gene Marker Selected Salmon Eggs
SMS Notification of Egg Deliveries
4 / 2009: Early Stripping Started for Brood Fish in AquaGen
Efforts Being Made for Flexible and Predictable Delivery of Eggs
3 / 2009: The Brood Fish for Early Eggs 2009 have been brought onto Land
Summary of Delivery Controls of Eggs in 2008/2009 in Norway
2 / 2009: Better Utilisation of Capacity = Increased Cost Effectiveness
Production plan for Salmon
1 / 2009: Delivery Controls and Hatching Results for Salmon Eggs
Low Egg Production for Rainbow Trout
4 / 2008: Egg deliveries are well under way
BKD at AquaGen Hemne
3 / 2008: The Egg Season has begun
Summary of the Egg Season 2007/2008
2 / 2008: Day-degrees are not an absolute concept
Performance measurement
Long Delivery Season
1 / 2008: Reports from start feeding
Update on reception controls and hatching results
Production of rainbow trout eggs