AquaGen provides ongoing information to subscribers about the status of salmon- and trout egg production through the publication of AquaGen EGG UPDATE.

The eggs which are produced are a result of breeding and genetics, and also of the production of brood fish which has begun 3-4 years before. In the course of this period, the brood fish are managed so that the client receives eggs at the agreed-upon time, with the proper quality and quantity.

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A new generation of salmon is on the way

Nr. 3 / August 2016
The first sea-reared broodfish that comprise the origin of a new generation of salmon eggs have been stripped at AquaGen. This is a generation better adapted to the challenges currently facing the industry, and eggs will be ready for delivery from the beginning of October 2016.

Consistently Good Egg Quality for Early Eggs 2010

Nr. 1 / 2011
During the period from week 43 of 2010 to week 7 of 2011, we have delivered 180 million salmon eggs to the Norwegian1-2011
market. We have carried out reception controls on 63 occasions corresponding to 102 million eggs. This represents 57% of eggs delivered so far this season.