AquaGen provides ongoing information to subscribers about the status of salmon- and trout egg production through the publication of AquaGen EGG UPDATE.

The eggs which are produced are a result of breeding and genetics, and also of the production of brood fish which has begun 3-4 years before. In the course of this period, the brood fish are managed so that the client receives eggs at the agreed-upon time, with the proper quality and quantity.

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A new generation of salmon is on the way

Nr. 3 / August 2016
The first sea-reared broodfish that comprise the origin of a new generation of salmon eggs have been stripped at AquaGen. This is a generation better adapted to the challenges currently facing the industry, and eggs will be ready for delivery from the beginning of October 2016.

Novel use of ultrasound technology ensures access to AquaGen eggs all year round

Nr. 2 / August 2016
Different production methods for broodstock make AquaGen able to deliver eggs throughout the whole year. This provides increased flexibility and cost effectiveness in smolt production. Broodstock raised in seawater produce eggs for shipping from October to July, and land-based production supplies eggs for deliveries during the period July to October.

New generation with increased genetic progress on important traits for vitality and profitability

Nr. 1 / June 2016
From autumn 2016, AquaGen will deliver salmon eggs that have been chosen using three different selection methods at the same time; family, QTL and genomic selection. This establishes a new product line, called GEN-innOva® GAIN which gives, in addition to virus protection, improved potential for lice and AGD resistance, handling tolerance and increased growth rate.

First early-eggs delivered to Finnmark

Nr. 5 / October 2015
The first salmon eggs of the 2015/2016 season were delivered to Laksefjord AS in Finnmark on Friday 16th October 2015. This is the earliest egg stocking in the history of AquaGen and marks the start of all-year round deliveries of salmon eggs.

AquaGen kicks off year-round production of Atlantic salmon eggs

Nr. 4 / August 2015
Novel ultrasound technology ensures all-year egg production. We initiated this expanded production regime with the record early stripping of our brood fish on Wednesday, August 19th at the AquaGen production facility in Hemne.

Breakthrough in lice resistance from AquaGen

Nr. 3 / August 2015
AquaGen has discovered a QTL for lice susceptibility. By testing and selecting away brood fish with this lice-QTL, it will be possible to deliver eggs where the most lice receptive fish are removed from the population.

Strong and consistent fillet colour

Nr. 2b / July 2015
Many players in the farming industry have reported difficulties achieving satisfactory pigment levels in salmon fillet. AquaGen has documented that three colour-QTLs increase absorption of, and reduce breakdown of astaxanthin in the intestine. This results in a stronger fillet color and less color variation between fish within the same group.

Healthier hearts give more robust salmon

Nr. 2a / July 2015
The heart disease CMS has, in the last four years, been seen to increase by the number of registered outbreaks in the Norwegian aquaculture industry. AquaGen has based on natural CMS outbreaks and infectious challenge in the laboratory found and verified a strong genetic marker (QTL) that provides protection against CMS.

Plommesekkyngel, regnbueørret

World’s first QTL for IPN resistance in rainbow trout

Nr. 1 / February 2015
The Norwegian fish farming industry has received the first ever rainbow trout eggs that have been selected for IPN-resistance, using a recently developed genetic marker (QTL). This is the first time in history that this technology has been applied to rainbow trout.