AquaGen provides ongoing information to subscribers about the status of salmon- and trout egg production through the publication of AquaGen EGG UPDATE.

The eggs which are produced are a result of breeding and genetics, and also of the production of brood fish which has begun 3-4 years before. In the course of this period, the brood fish are managed so that the client receives eggs at the agreed-upon time, with the proper quality and quantity.

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The first eggs of the season have been produced

Nr. 1 / September 2014
On Wednesday 3rd September the first brood fish for the egg season 2014/2015 were stripped at AquaGen Tingvoll. This is about the same time as previous years and will provide for the delivery of early eggs starting in the first half of October (weeks 43-44). Early indications are very positive as our brood fish this year are generally a little larger than last year and have had very low mortality and good health in the period up to stripping.

Another early-start for the new egg-season

Nr. 2 / 2013
At our site at Tingvoll the first broodstock were stripped on Wednesday 4 September, which is historically early. We are therefore already well placed to deliver large volumes from week 43-44 in 2013. This is important as a large number of farmers now require an early egg intake for production of good quality S0 smolt of the correct size.

Consistent quality and good hatching results for early eggs 2012

Nr. 1 / 2013
In the early egg delivery period 2012 (weeks 45 to 50) Aqua Gen delivered 106 million salmon eggs to the Norwegian, and Scottish markets. During that time a total of 45 reception controls were carried out on shipments that comprised a total of 82 million eggs.

This seasons’ first eggs are sent out

Nr. 3 / 2012
The first eggs of this new egg season were sent out from Aqua Gen Tingvoll on the 30th of October. This is the earliest delivered order for this season, and is one week earlier than in the previous season.

Suspicion of PD in Aqua Gen Hemne

Nr. 2 / 2012
During the weekend of 8th-9th September 2012 an appetite drop was recorded for salmon at the Trøan site in the Hemne fjord. No irregular mortality is observed in any of the cages at the site.

Stripping starts early at Aqua Gen

Nr. 1 / 2012
This year’s first brood stock was stripped at Aqua Gen Tingvoll on 5th September. This is the earliest date in the year we have seen stripping commence. As a result the first shipment of 1.2 million eggs will take place at the end of October (week 43) to one of our customers in North-Norway.

Good egg quality and hatching results for early eggs 2011

Nr. 3 / 2011
During the early egg phase, from week 45 to 50, we have delivered 105 million salmon eggs to the Norwegian market. For this phase of 3-2011egg deliveries a total of 26 reception controls have been carried out, on shipments totalling 59 million eggs.

The egg season 2011-2012 is underway

Nr. 2 / 2011
All egg production sites in the Aqua Gen system have commenced stripping. Compared to last year we are a little delayed, but stripping 2-2011schedules have been adjusted to achieve the majority of deliveries of early eggs required for week 45.

Consistently Good Egg Quality for Early Eggs 2010

Nr. 1 / 2011
During the period from week 43 of 2010 to week 7 of 2011, we have delivered 180 million salmon eggs to the Norwegian1-2011
market. We have carried out reception controls on 63 occasions corresponding to 102 million eggs. This represents 57% of eggs delivered so far this season.