AquaGen provides ongoing information to subscribers about the status of salmon- and trout egg production through the publication of AquaGen EGG UPDATE.

The eggs which are produced are a result of breeding and genetics, and also of the production of brood fish which has begun 3-4 years before. In the course of this period, the brood fish are managed so that the client receives eggs at the agreed-upon time, with the proper quality and quantity.

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The First Salmon Eggs Have been Sent to the Hatcheries

Nr. 4 / 2010
This year’s production of early eggs has gone according to plan. In Week 43 the first deliveries of these eggs were sent out, and we are pleased to report that both the fertilisation and survival percentages up to the eyed stage has been at the same high level as the very best of previous year’s production.

Egg Production for The Season 2010-2011 Has Started

Nr. 3 /2010
We are pleased to report that this season’s first brood fish have now been stripped. As planned, our egg production in Norway has started at the Tingvoll facility, and has also begun on exactly the same date as last year – 9th September. In seven weeks time after stripping i.e. week 43, the year’s first egg batch from this stripping will be delivered to Villa Smolt AS, which orders eggs for the earliest possible delivery every year.

Early Ordering is a Vital Factor for Efficient Production Planning, High Product Quality and Greater Delivery Assurance

Nr. 2 / 2010
Our product range at Aqua Gen has expanded since the production season 2009-2010 due to our beginning to use new technology for 2-2010the production of special eggs with high IPN resistance. This production requires a double selection of brood fish to be carried out; initially a selection program based on traditional selective breeding methods, which is then followed by genetic testing and a new selection based on the presence of a gene marker for IPN-resistance (QTL).

Historically High Egg Quality throughout the Whole Season

Nr. 1 / 2010
Egg quality in the present season promises to be the best in Aqua Gen’s history. Through delivery controls and feedback from customers we find that there have never been better egg quality and hatching results recorded since our systematic controls began in 2004.

Very Good Egg Quality This Season

Nr. 6 / 2009
Egg deliveries for the egg season 2009/2010 have been going on for eight weeks. Since starting in week 44 we have delivered a total of 6-2009116 million eggs to the Norwegian market and have carried out delivery controls on 64 % of this amount.

Continuing Good Results from Egg Production

Nr. 5 / 2009
The stripping of about 90 million early eggs that are required for delivery in weeks 44 – 50 is now complete. These eggs5-2009
are being incubated at Aqua Gen Hemne and Tingvoll. The high fertilization percentage which was reported for the first batches has continued, and has been confirmed by tests carried out at 120 day-degrees post-fertilization. Because of the large size of the brood fish, egg production per female is quite satisfactory.

The Brood Fish for Early Eggs 2009 have been brought onto Land

Nr. 3 / 2009
The first brood fish in the Aqua Gen system were stripped on 9th September. This is the earliest date ever in the history of Aqua Gen that 4-20092stripping has commenced. The first deliveries of early eggs will therefore be brought forward to weeks 43-44.

Better Utilisation of Capacity = Increased Cost Effectiveness

Nr. 2 / 2009
Aqua Gen has begun to use a new upgraded production department in order to keep eggs and fry under different temperature regimes. In this way we are able to control the delivery date for eggs or point of feed fry (Norway) to ideally suit the customers’ site production conditions. Eggs can now be delivered much later, up until July, and point of feed fry all the way to September 2009.

Delivery Controls and Hatching Results for Salmon Eggs

Nr. 1 / 2009
Throughout the period between week 46, 2008 and week 4, 2009 Aqua Gen has carried out 37 reception controls at the point of delivery of salmon eggs to clients in Norway. The shipment volume that was checked was 73 million eggs, representing 77 % of a total of 94.8 million eggs delivered so far.

The Egg Season has begun

Nr. 3 / 2008
The Egg season 2008/2009 began in week 38 as stripping commenced at two of our brood fish stations. This means that deliveries to lakscustomer’s hatcheries will start in weeks 45-46.