Atlantic salmon

Our salmon eggs have unique genetics, and the narrative of the salmon code and foundation of the world's most refined breeding material starts way back in time. Salmon as a species has been around for more than 70 million years. The salmon is robust and has adapted to major environmental changes throughout several ice ages. The ability to cope with such changes lies in the genes. The salmon's inherited genetic recipe - the code for the species' unique adaptability - became the mainstay when the idea of breeding salmon was realized in 1971. That is when the Norwegian Code, and our breeding program, came to life.

The breeding giant Gen-InnOva®

We select for a high-performing and robust fish using genomic selection. With a large-scale, balanced breeding program consisting of 1,000 families, we monitor more than 20 traits to ensure a good progress for the desired traits, while eliminating the risk of adverse effects. 70,000 different gene markers are used to select the very best broodstock fish. The result will be eggs with good performance that meet the most stringent quality requirements.

Adapted to various production environments

The salmon’s strong, genetic starting point is the very foundation of the breeding work we do. The breeding of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout is carried out on a solid scientific basis where the eggs we produce contribute to a responsible and profitable ongrowing by the fish farmers.

Based on the environment in which the salmon will grow, we have optimized the genetics into three performance groups:

Product Portfolio

High-performance GEN-InnOva® GAIN

In GEN-InnOva® GAIN, eggs are packed with genetic qualities that keep the salmon healthy and strong throughout their life. Produced from our very best broodstock fish, this is a high-performance genetic starter material that gives the fish farmer a robust, large salmon that grows well and is selected to be resistant to the main viral diseases.

GEN-InnOva® GAIN provides a very good growth. This means that the salmon needs less time in both fresh and seawater. This increases the throughput of the fish farms, as well as minimizes the fish’s exposure time to sea lice and pathogens.




Red color
All Female

Robust GEN-innOva® SHIELD

With GEN-InnOva® SHIELD, the salmon stays healthy and strong throughout its life. This is a genetic starter material that gives the fish farmer a robust salmon that grows well and is resistant to the main viral diseases.

GEN-InnOva® SHIELD offers good growth and the salmon needs a relatively short time in both freshwater and seawater, minimizing exposure time to sea lice and pathogens.

Gen-Innova® SHIELD is available all year round.




Red Color
All Female

All Female TERRA-nOva® LAND

All Female TERRA-nOva® LAND are eggs from specific pathogen-free broodstock, produced at our land-based facility in Barstadvik (Ørsta). Developed specifically with land-based farming in mind, it is a female-only genetic starter material that ensures that the fish mature at the right pace. They grow well and provide a delicate food fish with a high harvest weight and high flesh quality.


Red Color



Selected to perform

Through the thorough, genomic selection process, we ensure that the salmon eggs perform to expectation on the most important traits while eliminating adverse effects. This is a continuous process where the result improves over time. Overall, we monitor and optimize more than 20 unique traits.

Of these, we consider four as core traits:


A salmon selected for good growth will grow better than a non-selected salmon in similar environmental conditions.


Good growth provides:

  • Shorter production time in fresh and seawater
  • Increased throughput in fish farms
  • Minimized exposure time to salmon lice and pathogens
  • Better feed efficiency
  • A more sustainable and efficient production.


Selection for increased disease resistance is preventive and reduces loss of fish in disease outbreaks.


Selection for better protection against:

  • Heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI)
  • Cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS)
  • Pancreatic Disease (PD)
  • Infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN)


Continuous validation

We select for optimal production while mitigating risks.

All products and traits are regularly tested and validated through harvest tests, disease challenge tests, field measurements and in projects carried out internally or in collaboration with various partners, customers, and research institutions.


Sexual maturation

When temperature and light conditions are optimized for good growth, the risk of early sexual maturation in male fish increases.

We therefore offer all our products as ALL FEMALE (female fish only).


Red colour

By selecting for good pigmentation, we ensure a delicate and even red color.


Biosecurity during production of our eggs and broodstock fish is a top priority. We have a holistic barrier perspective for our fish, and work proactively to avoid adverse incidents.

A comprehensive screening program ensures that the fish’s health is monitored throughout its life cycle. This includes autopsy and screening of all broodstock groups. All broodstock fish are individually screened for ISAV-HPR0.

Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs are produced at Profunda, our land-based broodstock site in Barstadvik.

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