Product documentation for salmon

AquaGen performs initially a traditional family-based selection with information from more than 20 measured traits of the broodstock. When the top brood candidates are selected on this level, we are taking samples for DNA analysis to find genetic markers (QTL’s) associated with different traits. This QTL selection is more precise than family selection and the best individuals from the best families are selected in this final round. We call this a double selection since broodstock undergo selection by two different methods that complement and reinforce each other.

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GEN-innOva® GAIN – Start material with increased potential for lice resistance, handling tolerance and growth


The table below provides an overview of the traits we have found QTL’s for, in which products they are included and what documentation that exists for the various traits.

Trait  Benefits of the trait Product
Resistance against IPN


Benefits of QTL-innOva® IPN:

  • Fish have defence against IPN for the whole of their life
  • Optimised QTL-analysis provides a high degree of assurance that QTL-eggs are composed of high resistant variants, qQ and QQ for IPN
  • Repeated laboratory IPN challenge tests confirm the on-going high level of protection against IPN
  • Field experience has given very positive feedback on performance under commercial conditions
Read updated documentation (Sep 2019) here

Resistance against lice


Benefits of QTL-innOva® LICE:

  • Lice susceptible brood fish will not be used in egg production
  • When “lice attractors” are taken out, the infection pressure is further reduced in the population
Read updated documentation (March 2019) here

Resistance against PD


Benefits of QTL-innOva® PD:

  • Defence against both PD and IPN
  • Synergistic effect – increased IPN defence gives reduced risk for PD
  • Field experience shows that the incidence and mortality of PD is reduced in comparison with previous years that didn’t use QTL-innOva IPN/PD
Read updated documentation (Sep 2013) here

Resistance against CMS


Benefits of QTL-innOva® CMS:

  • Reduced virus levels in the heart, reduced heart damage and lower mortality from CMS outbreak
  • Higher degree of herd immunity by the elimination of the most susceptible individuals
  • Robust fish that withstand transport and handling better in the final phase of production
Read updated documentation (July 2015) here

Resistance against HSMI


Benefits of QTL-innOva® HSMI:

  • Less heart damage both during HSMI infection in the laboratory and HSMI outbreaks in the field
  • Higher survival during HSMI outbreaks in the field
Read updated documentation (Feb 2017) here

Strong and even fillet colour


Benefits of QTL-innOva® RED:

  • Higher average and reduced variation in fillet colour in batches
  • More effective utilisation of pigment content in feed, especially during periods with strong growth
  • Greater flexibility with timing of harvesting
Read updated documentation (March 2019) here

Late maturation


Benefits of QTL-innOva® LATEMAT:

  • Contributes to reduced sexual maturation in male salmon
Read updated documentation (Aug 2019) here


The table below provides an overview of treatments that can be carried out on all salmon eggs and what documentation that exists for the various treatments.

Treatment                                                        Product name Benefits of the treatment Product
AquaGen® Atlantic TRACK: Benefits of  TRACK:

  • No physical marking of fish that are transferred to sea
  • A secure method of relating broodfish to their progeny
  • DNA tracking performed only at the fish farmers request if the need arises
  • Gives protection against false claims of escapes from fish farms
Read updated documentation (Sep 2019) here
AquaGen® Atlantic STERILE: Benefits of STERILE:

  • Escaped sterile salmon cannot reproduce and affect the genetics of wild salmon stocks
  • Reduced quality problems with early maturation
  • Increased flexibility in relation to harvest time
Read updated documentation
(September 2013) here
AquaGen® Atlantic
Benefits of ALL FEMALE:

  • Milt from verified transformed female brood fish instead of normal male brood fish are used. The off-spring will be female fish only.
Read ALL FEMALE statement (May 2020) here