Product portfolio for salmon 2020/2021

AquaGen delivers salmon eggs of the following main products:


All broodstock undergo initially a traditional family selection based on information from over 20 measured traits. After the best broodstock candidates have been selected on this level, in which the growth feature is extra weighted, samples are taken for DNA analysis and search for genetic markers (QTLs) associated with different traits is performed. Genomic selection means that thousands of Genetic markers are used to achieve desired characteristics of the salmon.

QTL-selection gives protection against:

IPN: Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (QTL-innOva® IPN)
LICE: Lepeophtheirus salmonis (QTL-innOva® LICE). “Lice collecting fish” will not be used for reproduction.
PD: Pancreatic Disease (QTL-innOva® PD)
CMS: Cardio Myopathy Syndrome (QTL-innOva® CMS)
HSMI: Heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (QTL-innOva® HSMI)
FLAVO: Flavobacterioses (QTL-innOva® FLAVO)

QTL-selection gives extra progress for:

RED: Strong and even fillet colour (QTL-innOva® RED). This trait can be chosen in addition to all three main products; QTL-innOva® PRIME, QTL-innOva® SHIELD og GEN-innOva® GAIN.
LATEMAT: Redused maturation in male fish (QTL-innOva® LATEMAT)

Genomic selection gives protection against:

3G LICE: 3 generations of genomic selection against lice (55 000 gene markers are used)
1G AGD: 1 generasjon of genomic selection against AGD

Genomic selection gives extra progress for:

3G GROWTH: 3 generations of genomic selection for growth

Additional treatment of brood fish and eggs

After the egg type is selected, one or more treatments of the brood fish/eggs can be chosen:

AquaGen® Rainbow STERILE
Sterilization of eggs which after pressure treatment on recently fertilized eggs makes the fish sterile. This procedure can be done on all types of eggs listed above.
AquaGen® Atlantic TRACK
DNA tracking of farmed fish where potential escapees can be checked against the parent fish (both male & female) which are used for a specific egg delivery. DNA analysis will confirm or deny the relationship between parents and offspring and track the fish back to the owner.
AquaGen® Atlantic ORGANIC
Organic eggs from brood fish which are farmed so that any infectious agents, parasites and drug residues should not affect wild organisms. Impregnation of nets with copper is not permitted and in the control of lice, cleaner fish are used. The density of fish should not cause behaviors such as stress or fin biting / damages and the fish should have the opportunity to form shoals. The raw materials in the feed are from organic agriculture or trimmings from sustainable fisheries.
AquaGen® Atlantic ALL FEMALE
Milt from verified transformed female brood fish instead of normal male brood fish are used. The off-spring will be female fish only.
Individual testing of female- and male brood fish at the time of stripping can be performed. Brood fish free from virus are then used in the egg production only.

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