Rainbow trout eggs (Oncorhynchus mykiss L.)



Our breeding work with rainbow trout is based on 200 families selected through 16 generations.  By the measurement of more than 12 traits each generation, we insure a fish which has good qualities in growth, skin, and fillet colour.

Farming of rainbow trout has traditionally been affected by the appearance of a large number of sexually mature male fish.  Farmers can now purchase “All female” batches of rainbow trout from AquaGen, that is to say that you receive only female fish.  This will be an important contribution to better profitability since both eggs for consumption and/or flesh can be produced.  The method behind all female has long been employed in the production of pan-sized fish in Europe.



» GENERAL PRODUCT PRESENTATION: AquaGen`s rainbow trout eggs 2019/2020




The eggs are packed in a polystyrene box that contain maximum 12 litres of eggs distributed in four trays.