Product portfolio for rainbow trout 2019/2020

AquaGen delivers rainbow trout eggs of the following main products:

Product name   -QTL-selection-

AquaGen® Rainbow

All broodstock undergo initially a traditional family selection based on information from over 12 measured traits. After the best broodstock candidates have been selected on this level, in which the growth feature is extra weighted, samples are taken for DNA analysis and search for genetic markers (QTLs) associated with different traits is performed.

QTL-selection gives protection against:

IPN: Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (QTL-innOva® IPN)
FLAVO: Flavobacteriosis (QTL-innOva® FLAVO)

Additional treatment of brood fish and eggs

After the egg type is selected, one or more treatments of the brood fish/eggs can be chosen:

AquaGen® Rainbow GREEN STERILE
Sterilization of eggs which after pressure treatment on recently fertilized eggs makes the fish sterile. This procedure can be done on all types of eggs listed above.
AquaGen® Rainbow ALL FEMALE
Milt from verified transformed female brood fish instead of normal male brood fish are used. The offspring will be female fish only.
Individual testing of female- and male brood fish at the time of stripping can be performed. Brood fish free from virus are then used in the egg production only.

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