The power of genetics

With the recently published scientific article, The Power of Genetics, we document the effect of genetic selection for a more sustainable salmon production.

"Impact: It is exciting to see the impact of our previous genetic selection in the aquaculture industry, and the potential contribution for a more sustainable future.

Ingun Næve. Photo: BERRE

“In less than 50 years Atlantic salmon farming has become a major industry in Norway, and several attempts at predicting future growth have been made. Genetics has played an important role in optimization and efficiency of all food production, but the benefits of genetic selection in aquaculture are less documented. This study investigates the impact of 50 years of balanced genetic selection on growth and productivity of the Norwegian Atlantic salmon industry.”

This is the introduction of the solid, recently published scientific article by AquaGen and our own senior researcher Ingun Næve and co-authors Sven Arild Korsvoll, Nina Santi, Matias Medina and Arnfinn Aunsmo.

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The article will appear in Aquaculture Journal 2022.


Ingun Næve


21. October 2022


26. April 2023