The good genes

Sustainable aquaculture starts by selecting the strongest eggs with the best genes. The power of our genetics ensures efficient, safe and responsible fish production for fish farmers all over the world - from A to Z.


We produce genetic starter material; fish eggs with strong genetics that provide a very robust and healthy fish that performs well.


We take care of and refine the Norwegian code - the oldest scientific breeding program for Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.


Advanced genomics and research on growth, disease resistance, quality, and an increasingly sustainable aquaculture.


Seeds of vitality

Our eggs ensure a responsible, profitable and sustainable production of Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout. Our products offer good performance and growth among the fish while meeting the strictest of quality requirements for healthy and tasty food.

From science to food plate lies a great responsibility.

The key to reaching many of the Sustainable Development Goals as set out by the UN can be found in the ocean. Through the complete cycle, from science to the food plate, we commit to sustainable value creation on the three-part bottom line; environment, community and economy. Good performance on one of the bottom lines should not come at the cost of lower performance on another. Through safe production and delivery we make sure that all fish farmers always receive genetic starter material that is optimized for fish, people and the environment.




Latest news

AquaGen strengthens its expertise in supply chain management

Technological changes in the global aquaculture industry give increased requirements for supply security of eggs. As the leading supplier of eggs and genetics for salmon and rainbow trout production, AquaGen wishes to develop the industry further. Offering genetic starting material for healthy fish, good growth and a low environmental footprint will still be important, but it will be just as important to deliver the eggs at the right time and in the right quantity. As an important part of this, the company is now strengthening its expertise in supply chain management.

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Official opening of AquaGen’s Profunda facility

AquaGen’s new full-cycle facility, Profunda, was officially opened on the 21st August 2023. As Norway’s only land-based full-cycle broodstock and egg production facility, Profunda will deliver biosecure salmon eggs of top quality all year round and aim to supply customers across the globe.

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Keith Drynan new Managing Director in Scotland

AquaGen Scotland appoints Keith Drynan as new Managing Director We are pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Drynan (50) as the new Managing Director of AquaGen Scotland. He will take up the position on May 1st 2023.

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What is the carbon footprint of a salmonid egg?

For the first time, the carbon footprint for eggs from farmed salmon and rainbow trout has been calculated, using a life cycle assessment analysis (LCA analysis).

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Everything new starts with something small

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Everything new starts with something small. A drop. An egg. A seed. An idea. The belief that something small can turn into something much bigger. Something important, that can change the world.