About AquaGen


We are a breeding company which develops, produces and delivers genetic material to the global aquaculture farming industry. Through a market-oriented research and development we have achieved a leading position as a provider of fertilized eggs of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.

AquaGen owns and preserves the world’s most refined genetic material from Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout. Since the 1970’s when collection of these fish species began, a continual research and development program has been carried out in cooperation with commercial operators and research institutions. Based on a long-term and systematic breeding work combined with the use of modern breeding technologies, we offer solutions for many challenges in the aquaculture industry.


Our vision: Seeds of vitality and profitability.

This means that AquaGen should contribute to increased value creation in the global aquaculture industry, through at all times offering the best breeding material with documented genetic and biological traits that promote vitality, profitability, fish welfare and sustainability.