Seeds of vitality and profitability

We are a research-oriented breeding company that develops, manufactures, and delivers genetic starter material and fertilized eggs to the global aquaculture industry.


We produce genetic starter material; fish eggs with strong genetics that provide a very robust and healthy fish that performs well.


We take care of and refine the Norwegian code - the oldest scientific breeding program for Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.


Advanced genomics and research on growth, disease resistance, quality, and an increasingly sustainable aquaculture.

Our story

The Norwegian code and the oldest scientific breeding programs for Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout are cared for by AquaGen AS. This is a commitment. Preserving the unique starting point for creating a healthy and sustainable aquaculture is a mission we carry with pride and responsibility.



The Norwegian Code

Scientists at the Norwegian Agricultural College start the first generation of farmed salmon and rainbow trout. They collect the highest quality broodstock fish from more than 40 Norwegian rivers. The breeding program starts.


A Larger Salmon

We select large broodstock fish to breed a salmon with good genes for growth. With a salmon that grows faster and has a greater harvest weight, feed conversion becomes more efficient.


Sexual Maturation 1.0

We select for sexual maturation, and breed to prevent the fish from maturing prematurely. In this way we avoid mortality and reduced growth.


The Beautiful Red Color

The first salmon eggs produced to achieve a more intense and even fillet color are sold.


A Healthy Salmon

The first salmon eggs produced for disease resistance are sold.


Gene Bank Established

We start cryopreserving semen as part of the breeding work. This is how we safeguard and archive our genetic material, like a living gene bank.



We identify the genetic marker (QTL) that gives salmon resistance to infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN).



In an intensive research period from 2010-2016, we develop eggs with increased resistance to several serious viral diseases.


Genomic Selection

As the first breeding company to implement genomic selection for fish, AquaGen greatly improves several traits.


Sexual maturation 2.0

The discovery of the gene that controls sexual maturation in wild salmon provides us with new, effective tools for controlling sexual maturation, also in our own farmed salmon.


Eggs all year round

With a combination of innovative sea and land-based broodstock production, AquaGen can deliver eggs all year round.


Very good growth

We are now delivering eggs that provide very good growth. When the fish spend less time in freshwater and seawater, we minimize the exposure time to lice and pathogens. Rapid growth also increases the production rate.


Breeding for the future

Based on our research, we contribute to aquaculture that leaves a minimal footprint throughout the production cycle, from science to the food plate.


Meet the people

With us, you get to experience the whole finely tuned value chain in aquaculture – from advanced genetics to practical production of broodstock fish and eggs, which in turn are grown into food fish for human consumption by skilled fish farmers all over the world.

Global business

Our high-tech broodstock production facilities in Norway, Scotland and Chile produce eggs for farmers all over the world who grow them further to delicate food fish and millions of healthy meals – every day.


Certificates and declarations

All our broodstock fish and eggs are produced in accordance with recognized, certified quality procedures for fish health, animal welfare and sustainability.


GLOBAL G.A.P. (Global Good Agricultural Practice) is an international standard that meets requirements in food safety, environmental protection, fish welfare and health, as well as employee safety and welfare (GRASP). This is a comprehensive standard that ensures the consumer that the production is carried out according to strictly defined criteria.


Debio is a certification for organic aquaculture where consideration for the environment, well-being and good health of farmed fish is taken extra care of. This means that infectious agents, parasites, and medicine residues should not affect wild organisms. The density of fish should not cause behaviors such as stress or fin biting/injuries and the fish should have the opportunity to form shoals. The raw materials for the feed are from organic farming or off-cuttings from sustainable fisheries.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001 is a standard for quality management. The standard sets requirements for identifying, managing, measuring, and continuously improving processes in the company.


The European Forum for Farm Animal Breeders (EFFAB) has drawn up a code for good practice in animal breeding, including fish breeding, and reproduction (Code-EFABAR). The certification ensures that the breeding work is carried out in accordance with recognized breeding and animal ethics principles.

GMO Declaration

AquaGen AS confirms that eggs from our breeding facilities and from our partners has not undergone any form of genetic modification.

EW Group

AquaGen is 100% owned by EW Group, a family-owned strategic holding company with international operations in the field of breeding, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition related to the global agriculture and aquaculture industries. EW Group employs 12,500 people across 160 subsidiaries in more than 30 countries.