Egg products

Our promise to our customers is to deliver the best genetic starter material for safe production and maximum value creation in the aquaculture industry.


We select for a fish that grows well, has a good feed utilization and a short production time.


Our eggs are developed to be resistant to all common pathogens and parasites.


High quality eggs provide a delicate fish with an intense, even fillet color and superior quality.


Biosecurity during the production of our broodstock and eggs is one of our top priorities.

Our species

Atlantic salmon

Salmo salar L.

Our salmon eggs have unique genetics, and the narrative of the salmon code and foundation of the world's most refined breeding material starts way back in time. Salmon as a species has been around for more than 70 million years. The salmon is robust and has adapted to major environmental changes throughout several ice ages. The ability to cope with such changes lies in the genes. The salmon's inherited genetic recipe - the code for the species' unique adaptability - became the mainstay when the idea of breeding salmon was realized in 1971. That is when the Norwegian Code, and our breeding program, came to life.

Rainbow trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Our breeding program for rainbow trout is the only one in the world driven by scientific principles since it was established in 1968. The resilient fish is a unique product with many followers among consumers all over the world. We now produce robust eggs from generation number 17. In the genetic progress we have focused on breeding traits that provide responsible and safe sea-based production of large, silvery, and very delicate rainbow trout.


Cyclopterus lumpus

In 2017, we entered into a collaboration with Namdal Rensefisk, the world's first breeding center for lumpfish (a cleaner fish). The collaboration will contribute to a long-term and sustainable management of the lice challenge in the Norwegian salmon farming industry. Through AquaGen's scientific and targeted lumpfish breeding program - which is one of its kind - the health and welfare of the cleaner fish are optimized and adapted to a life in the salmon cage as a champion lice eater.