Rainbow trout

The beautiful and resilient rainbow trout grows up in 400-meter-deep fjords located between majestic mountain peaks in western Norway.

The Queen of the fjord - OCEANQUEEN®

Our breeding program for large trout – also called rainbow trout – is the only program in the world that has been run according to scientific principles since it was established in 1968. The resilient rainbow trout is a unique product with many followers among consumers – all around the world.

We now produce the robust OCEANQUEEN® eggs from generation number 17. In the genetic progress we have focused on traits that secure a responsible and safe production of large, silvery and very delicate fjord trout.

Product Portfolio

OCEANQUEEN® Great Arctic Silver Trout

Ensuring continuous progress in our breeding program and that progress in one trait does not have adverse effects on other traits is very important. This is enabled by our broad and balanced breeding program where we measure the most important traits.

A trait that is important is good growth, which reduces the time the fish are exposed to lice and pathogens in the sea and improves the utilization of the aquaculture sites.

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Silver Color
IPN resistance



The trout eggs contain strong genetics

We make selections for a high-performing and robust trout using family selection. With a large-scale, balanced breeding program consisting of more than 200 families, we monitor more than 12 traits to ensure good progress for desired traits, while reducing the risk of adverse effects.
Thousands of different genetic markers are used to select the very best broodstock fish. OCEANQUEEN® eggs offer good performance while meeting the most stringent quality requirements for healthy, tasty food.


A trout selected for good growth grows faster than a non-selected trout under the same environmental conditions.

Good growth provides:

  • Shorter production time in fresh and seawater
  • Increased throughput in fish farms
  • Minimized exposure time to lice and pathogens
  • Better feed efficiency
  • A more sustainable and efficient production


Selection for increased disease resistance is preventive and reduces fish loss in the event of disease outbreaks.

Selection for better protection against

  • IPN


  • Flavo (Rainbow trout fry syndrome)


Continuous validation

We select for optimal production while mitigating risks.

All products and traits are regularly tested and validated through harvest tests, disease challenge tests, field measurements and in projects carried out internally or in collaboration with various partners, customers, and research institutions.

Sexual maturation

Trout eggs are only offered as ALL FEMALE (female fish only).

Red Color

By selecting for good pigmentation, we ensure a strong and evenly red color.


Biosecurity during production of our eggs and broodstock fish is a top priority. We have a holistic barrier perspective for our fish, and work proactively to avoid adverse incidents.

A comprehensive screening program ensures that the fish’s health is monitored throughout its life cycle. This includes autopsy and screening of all broodstock groups. All broodstock fish are individually screened for IPNV.

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