Security measures – Corona virus

AquaGen has introduced measures to ensure daily operations and prevent the spread of Covid-19 (the Corona virus). These are internal safety measures to ensure that production in our facilities proceeds as normal and that eggs are delivered as planned.

Ph.D. on ultrasonic screening of sex and maturation of salmon

On the 7th February 2020, Ingun Næve defended her Ph.D. on the development of ultrasound as a gentle method for sorting salmon parr and monitoring of maturation. This is an industrial Ph.D. that was carried out in a collaboration between NTNU and AquaGen.

Historical early delivery of rainbow trout eggs

The season’s first rainbow trout eggs from the AquaGen strain was delivered to Hofseth Aqua in Tafjord, Norway on November 19th, 2019, two months earlier than normal. With access to these early eggs, the smolt can be put to sea in spring, benefit from good growth through the summer and be harvested the following spring after 10 months in the sea.

New Quality Manager in AquaGen

Anja Elise Hansen is appointed as Quality Manager in AquaGen. She will have a key role in the company’s further development of work processes that will ensure quality, efficiency and safety to the best of AquaGen’s products, customers and employees.

AquaGen buys Scottish Sea Farms’ freshwater hatchery

AquaGen has signed a deal to buy Scottish Sea Farms’ freshwater hatchery at Holywood near Dumfries. This is a long-term strategic investment that will further improve fish welfare in Scotland.

The genome of the lumpfish has been mapped

The entire DNA sequence encoding the genes (genome) of the lumpfish has now been mapped. This allows us to study all the genes that contribute to traits such as growth, disease resistance and sea lice appetite with much greater precision than before.