AquaGen Scotland officially opened

On October 31, 2017, the AquaGen Scottish office, located at Stirling University Innovation Park was officially opened. Invited customers and co-partners participated in the opening ceremony and a seminar organised at the Stirling Court Hotel the following day.

AquaGen acquires 51% of AquaSearch ova

AquaGen AS has entered into an agreement to purchase 51% of the shares in the Danish-based breeding company AquaSearch ova ApS, one of the world’s leading suppliers of genetics for portion-size trout market.

ISA suspected at AquaGen Tingvoll

A virulent variant of the ISA virus has been detected in broodfish from the Merraberget sea site at AquaGen Tingvoll.

New strong QTL for SRS resistance in coho will contribute to decrease the use of antibiotics in Chile

A collaboration between researchers in Chile and Norway directed by Blue Genomics Chile, has resulted in a breakthrough in breeding for SRS resistance in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). The discovery of a major QTL for SRS resistance has already been implemented in AquaGen Chile’s egg production, resulting in the predicted delivery of 13 million coho eggs with improved resistance in 2017.

Your invitation to AquaGen’s seminar during Aqua Nor

AquaGen organizes the science seminar «VitenSkapt» – tomorrow’s aquaculture industry during Aqua Nor 2017. Technology optimists and aquaculture sceptics are invited for professional updates and discussions about today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

AquaGen’s breeding programme for lumpfish has been established

On the 3rd to 4th of May 2017, the first families in AquaGen’s new breeding programme for lumpfish were established. These are the parents of the future lumpfish and represent the genetic engine for a more efficient and adaptable lice eater in the salmon farming industry.

New CFO in AquaGen

Roger Oddebug is employed as CFO in AquaGen AS. He will be responsible for managing the company’s administration and finance functions, as well as working on strategy and business development.

AquaGen acquires Profunda

AquaGen has today signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Profunda, a facility in Barstadvik, Møre and Romsdal county, Norway that produces land-based broodstock of Atlantic salmon.

EW GROUP acquires GenoMar Genetics

EW GROUP, the holding company which owns AquaGen has concluded an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in GenoMar Genetics, the global leading tilapia breeding company.