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AquaGen strengthens its expertise in supply chain management

Technological changes in the global aquaculture industry give increased requirements for supply security of eggs. As the leading supplier of eggs and genetics for salmon and rainbow trout production, AquaGen wishes to develop the industry further. Offering genetic starting material for healthy fish, good growth and a low environmental footprint will still be important, but it will be just as important to deliver the eggs at the right time and in the right quantity. As an important part of this, the company is now strengthening its expertise in supply chain management.

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Official opening of AquaGen’s Profunda facility

AquaGen’s new full-cycle facility, Profunda, was officially opened on the 21st August 2023. As Norway’s only land-based full-cycle broodstock and egg production facility, Profunda will deliver biosecure salmon eggs of top quality all year round and aim to supply customers across the globe.

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Keith Drynan new Managing Director in Scotland

AquaGen Scotland appoints Keith Drynan as new Managing Director We are pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Drynan (50) as the new Managing Director of AquaGen Scotland. He will take up the position on May 1st 2023.

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Profunda completed – AquaGen’s new full-cycle facility for broodstock and egg production

Et fullsyklusanlegg i verdensklasse ble fredag ferdigstilt i Barstadvik i Ørsta kommune. Her skal stamfisk fra laks unnfanges og leve hele livet under tak og under helt optimale forhold.

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Knut Røflo has been appointed CEO of AquaGen Europe

Knut Røflo (53) has been appointed as the new CEO of AquaGen Europe. He will take up his position on 1 November 2022

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